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  Frequently Asked Questions about GaydarGirls  
  Frequently Asked Questions about GaydarGirls


If you have any questions that are not answered here, then you can send an email to support, however please ensure that you send it from the email address which you used to register your profile so that we can sort out your query. Remember that we get over 900 support e-mails per day and will try and answer your query as soon as possible. Please note that we give support preference to paying Members.
  1. Why are Guests restricted, can it not be a free site?
    GaydarGirls allows a free membership for users to evaluate the service and try it. However it costs a lot of money to keep a site like GaydarGirls up and running. For example, our servers handle more than 100 million requests per week and transfer over 300 Terra Bytes of data responding to those requests in a week. We have 30 servers in a “server-farm” including many Quad-Processor Servers. These require maintenance and upgrading. We still offer a basic free membership and are happy to do so, and for those who upgrade their membership – we offer a lot more functionality to make your GaydarGirls experience easier and more fun.

  2. What do I get if I upgrade my membership?
    If you upgrade your membership, you will get the following:
      Search Options Quick Search
    Advanced Search
    Power Search
    Keyword Search
      Number of Viewable Profiles Unlimited
      Number of Messages Unlimited
      Number of Emails Unlimited
      Online Position First
      Number of Saved Messages 600
      Restricted Chat Rooms No
      Favourites and Friends Online Notification Yes
      Number of Friends & Favourites Unlimited
      Preferential Support Yes
      Photo Album   Yes
      Customised Who`s Online Yes
      Restrictions at Peak Hours No
      Message History Yes
      Travel Itinerary Feature Yes
      Restrictions at Peak Hours No
      Message History Yes
    For exact details click on Upgrade Membership on the Main Menu.

  3. Why can I not create multiple profiles?
    We allow each person 1 Guest Membership, if you create a multiple profile it will be suspended. To remove the restrictions, we offer an upgrade path, which can cost less than US$0.25 per day.

  4. Worried about Upgrading and giving my Personal Information.
    The information requested on the system is purely for the benefit of the credit card companies, in case there is a dispute over the payment at a future date. No information is posted to your home address and we won't contact you on the Phone. The company name of CPC Connect Ltd. will appear on your credit card statement if you are billed in Sterling and CPC will appear on your credit card statement if you are billed in US Dollars and www.cpcconnect.co.uk will appear if you are billed in Euros.

  5. What if I want to change my username?
    Send an email to support with your current username and what you would like it to be changed to and we will sort it out. Usernames can be up to 15 characters long. Try to make sure that the username is not already in use by clicking the <Search> option from the Main Menu and then selecting <Search by Username>. Please note that we need you to send your change of username request from the email address that you have registered with GaydarGirls. This is for security reasons. Also note t hat we can use letters, numbers, full stops, underscores and hyphens in usernames as other characters can cause problems in your usage of the site.

  6. Why have I been blacklisted?
    Blacklisting only occurs after someone has repeatedly broken the rules of the site. This includes looking for underage girls, being under age or continuously creating multiple profiles. If you have been blacklisted you will need to contact support with the details of the profiles that have been created on your computer.

  7. How do I get my GaydarGirls emails?
    Your GaydarGirls email address is a virtual address - that means it does not really exist. When another user emails you at your GaydarGirls address, our system re-addresses it and forwards the email to you. The email address you will receive the email at is the address you entered when you created your profile. You can check this address by clicking the <Profiles & Settings> button from the Main Menu, then <Change my Details> The address will be displayed in the top left hand corner of the screen.

  8. How do I change my email address?
    Unfortunately, for security reasons, we cannot change your email address for you.
    If you follow the steps, you should have no problem....
    • From the "Main Menu" screen, click on <Profiles & Settings>
    • In the "Profiles & Settings" screen, under 'Other Settings' click on <Change my Email>
    • In the next screen you will be asked to enter your new email address twice. And then click on <Continue>
    This will alter your address. BUT REMEMBER - in changing your email address, the system will re-set your password and send an automated email with the new details to the new address.

  9. How do I remove messages which have been stored?
    To remove your messages, select <Message Centre> from the Main Menu then <By Username>. In the far Right Column is a check box with a heading <Remove All>. Check the messages you want to remove, and then click on <Delete Messages>

  10. How do I block someone from sending me messages or emails?
    If you open the person's profile you want to block, and move down to the smiley faces at the bottom. Click on the face with the cross through it to block instant messages and emails from that profile. To unblock them simply click the “Clear Thought” link underneath the smiley faces.

  11. How do I change the “I’m” on the Who’s Online Screen?
    To change your Tag line from the Browsing message, click the <Who’s Online> button from the Main Menu, then <Online Settings>. In that page you have the option to enter your own Online Reason. Members can also set a “Default Online Reason” by clicking <My Online> from the Online Menu so they do not need to put the reason on each time the log on to GaydarGirls.

  12. I am having problems uploading pictures onto my profile.
    There are probably 2 issues here. File type and file size. Type should be .jpg and size no more than 40kb. The system will try and correct this, but sometimes gets timed out whilst working on it. If you cannot get this right, then send your pictures to support noting on the email where they must be placed.

  13. What is a Private Profile?
    A Private Profile is one which does not appear on the Who's Online Page, and people who have you in their Friends and Favourites are not advised when you log in. To set this feature, you need to do the following:
    • From the 'Main Menu' screen, click the <Profiles & Settings> button.
    • From the 'Profiles & Settings' screen, under the 'Other Settings' section, click <General Settings>.
    • In the 'General Settings' screen, Set 'Temporarily Hide Profile' to YES.

  14. What do the dots on the Who’s Online lists represent?
    The coloured dots represent what type of pictures are in that profile’s Main and Secondary Photos:
    1. Red – Explicit Sexual Content
    2. Yellow – Some Nudity
    3. Blue – No Sexual Content

  15. How do I hide the categories on my profile where I would “Rather Not Say”?
    If you select <Profile & Settings> from the Main Menu screen, then <Change my Details> again, near the bottom left hand corner is the option to select "Hide Empty Info". Choose yes for this option and all categories that you have selected "Rather Not Say" for will not be displayed on your profile.

  16. When I agree to the terms and conditions in chat, the window opens but I get a small box with a red cross through it.
    Some computers, especially those with Windows XP installed do not come with the latest Adobe Flash plug in.
    Please try and download the latest plug in version from: http://java.sun.com/getjava

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